Main Products
    1. Freeze Drying Machine (Dryer for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients)

      Fitted with external feeding and discharging unit, our freeze drying machine is able to achieve automatic aseptic API feeding and discharging.
      The freeze drying machine for APIs developed based on our years of experience as a freeze dryer manufacturer is produced in accordance with the Good Manufacturing Practice of Drugs.

    1. Freeze Drying Machine (Dryer for Drugs in Injection Vials)

      The dryer for drugs in injection vials we produce is able to automatically recognize the time when the freeze drying process is finished.
      After the freeze drying processing cycle is finished, the lyophilization equipment will enter into CIP and SIP process automatically.

    1. Freeze Drying Machine (Dryer for Large Scale Food Processing)

      Multiple sets of our freeze drying machine can be combined in parallel to lyophilize different sorts of products through high temperature radiation heating.
      Our dryer for large scale food processing can be equipped with a freeze chamber to facilitate the freeze drying process.

    1. Freeze Drying Machine (Dryer for Small Scale Food Processing )

      Our freeze drying facility produces no pollutant sources when it is used in freeze drying project.
      The waste water produced in freeze drying process can be used to wash materials or for other domestic use.

    1. Freeze Drying Machine (Freeze Dryer for Pilot Experiment)

      This freeze drying machine comes with a hermetically sealed refrigeration system which produces low noises and slight vibrations when working. Our freeze drying machine is designed in a through-wall structure, facilitating sterilization partition. Thanks to the full-automatic or semi-automatic control system, the data of freeze-drying process can be input and output easily.

    1. Feeding and Discharging Unit (Material Handling System for Freeze Dryer)

      Our feeding and discharging unit can serve for the material feeding and discharging for single or multiple (two or three) freeze dryers. This material feeding and discharging system is designed in the single-row or double-row vial feeding and discharging mode. Only a small automatic gate for the material feeding and discharging needs to be set up in the aseptic area.